Your business has a personality. Let our copywriting service refine that personality across all your media channels and sales materials and turn your business into a brand that customers can recognise and trust.

Turn your business into a brand. See examples of branding, here.

Copywriting & Print

Sales and marketing materials, press releases, newsletters. With crisp, fresh, engaging

writing, we can provide all print copy you want, on-time and on budget, leaving you free to do

what you do best – run your business.

To view some examples of my copywriting, please view my portfolio.


You know the little whistle tune in all the Mc Donalds ads just before “I’m loving it” or the music stab “BABA Ba BA BAa” that pops up in every commercial with Intel? In the business, they are known as “Sonic Triggers”. If you decide to go down the broadcast route or shoot your own videos and post them on YouTube, music should be an integral part of your soundtrack. It can create a scene, convey an emotion or sing about how great your brand is, and be a powerful brand ambassador.

I am a musician and composer with dozens of sonic triggers and music pieces to my credit. Perhaps my greatest accolade was in a Belfast Cab, one of the commercials I had written the music for came on the radio. The cabbie turned up the volume and sang along – success.

Do you need a sonic trigger or company song? To see examples view our portfolio


There are no hiding places for a copywriter on the radio. No graphics, or pictures, it’s all down to the words and the performance. I am a radio expert. I can take your product and turn it into a 30-second drama, present your company as serious and prestigious or write you a custom sting (like the end of the McDonald’s ads).

My advertising maxim is:

“You don’t sell the features. You can present the benefits but you must sell the outcomes.”

If your commercial identifies and solves a problem for the listener or lets them know how much better something can be with brand X, you’ve done your job.

As a copywriter and producer, I have the advantage of having directed actors for years; they’re reading my words. I know exactly how they should sound and I have the experience to:

  • Cast the right actors
  • Work with them to achieve a great result

To hear some great examples go to my portfolio.


Web & Online Marketing

Your web developer will produce a fabulous website, super pictures, whistles and bells, but with few exceptions, it’s up to you to supply the content. If you know all about keywords, meta- tags and best practice SEO, and can afford the time to spend, it’s no problem. We specialise in web copy that informs, engages and converts your visitors and works for your Google rankings as well.

Search Engine Optimisation. What’s the point of having a great website if no-one ever sees it? As SEO writers we can present interesting, useful content your readers and the search engines will love. We also provide web management, blogging and social media posts as part of our complete creative writing services.

To discover how we can make your website make more money, please view our digital strategy page.

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