There is no hiding place for sloppy copy or muddled thinking when writing and producing radio commercials. No dancing girls or flash graphics to distract or divert the attention. You have got to strip away the fluff, discover the essence of the proposition and present it in a memorial, entertaining way – oh and in 30 seconds.

I am an expert radio copywriter and producer.

If you are planning on spending a significant portion of your advertising budget on radio advertising, it pays to have an expert on your team. Let’s let the commercials speak for themselves.

Mackins 4×4 – Paris Dakar

What’s the most famous land rally in the world? Paris, Dakar and the beauty is that on the radio you don’t need sets or lorry loads of sand.  The characters were fun and memorable; the client was thrilled

Mash Direct – Pots Revised

This was the launch of a new product from Mash Direct.  The girls singing “Pots” and the hungry guy at work and the harassed Mum all came together to make a very strong opening campaign

Nifty Nosh – Exhausted

Identify the problem and supply the solution.  The “Unique Selling Proposition,” you can place your order instantly online – job done!

Punjana – This is the T

The best radio advertising creates “pictures in the mind.”  I think I captured the spirit of Belfast, the history, the industrial heritage and the and the buzz all refreshed byits favourite T in a magical 60 seconds.  If I could only play one example of my work this would be it