Music: Singing all the way to the till

With the rise in video and audio in the marketing mix, due, in most to the dominance of smartphones and mobile devices, Music is a powerful tool for setting the mood or stamping your brand. From sonic triggers like the last 3 seconds of the Donnelly jingle to the languorous cool of the Jazz Trombone piece, when you need bespoke music, you are in the right place. Sit back and enjoy.

Podium for Sport

Once I had settled on the line “Real Sports’ shop for real sports people,” it was always going to be a rock tune.  I decided Bryan Adams was the CD in the car of Podium’s potential market and it worked like a dream

Donnelly Way Full Vocal Jingle

While I have the full tune here the only bit that gets used for all their sites and all the different makes of cars is “Donnelly”.  That phrase is used as a sonic trigger in every Radio and TV commercial they make

Brians Trombone

Nina Simone meets Slide Hampton late night, cool and slinky

Big Bargains

The Big Bargain Company tune just gets in your head and stays there.  I’ve heard taxi drivers and police officers humming it.  As a marketing tool, a tune with this much traction is outstanding.

Fix a Fone

The client said: “Fixafone in Northern Ireland, you hear people singing it when they pass the store each day, this advert is working very well, only another 11 months of advertising to go 🙂 I think we should do an R and B one next Brian.”