I just thought I would get in early and claim Thursday for the next “Biggest” madee-uppy Exploding Hamster Thursday! sale of the year. In fact, we should hold “Exploding Hamster Thursday” on the last Thursday of every month. In light of all the Black Friday nonsense; Black Friday, Black Friday […]

Exploding Hamster Thursday Sale

“Well that’s that” said Mother.It was the last great depression, 1980’s, and after careful scrutiny she had to admit defeat. The annual pilgrimage to the land of sun, sea and alll-day English breakfasts was not going to happen. “No problem” said Dad, “leave it to me” and the withering glance […]

In praise of “The Wild Atlantic Way”

It caused me some confusion last week when a friend said they were going to the SSC Arena. “Right, ” I said, “Where is that then?”. “You know” they replied, ( looking at me as if I had lost the plot) “The Odyssey” and there is the crux of it, […]

What’s in a Name?