Exploding Hamster Thursday Sale

I just thought I would get in early and claim Thursday for the next “Biggest” madee-uppy
Exploding Hamster Thursday! sale of the year. In fact, we should hold “Exploding Hamster Thursday” on the last Thursday of every month.
hamIn light of all the Black Friday nonsense; Black Friday, Black Friday Thursday (work that out?) Black Friday Weekend, Cyber Monday it seems to me that everyone should invent an event, the more tenuous, the better. This gives us the perfect reason for camping outside shops all night and making Conor Mc Gregor look like a choir boy as we drop kick the woman who got to the sole discounted TV before you did. So, as all the days are filling up, I’m claiming the last Thursday or every month for the Exploding Hamster Sale
The Black Friday bandwagon was introduced to the UK in 2013 by American retail giant Walmart through its’ Asda stores. It’s worth noting that as every corner shop and hole in the hedge has bought into the Black Friday frenzy, Asda, who started the whole thing off have snubbed the event, announcing that they now to focus on lower price all year round.

The History

Let’s look at the history; The earliest known use of Black Friday stemmed from 1951 and referred to the practice of workers calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving to have four consecutive days off because that day was not yet commonly offered as a paid holiday by employers. In the Uk, Black Friday is (or was) the nickname for the last Friday before Christmas. As arguably the most popular night of the year for office Christmas parties and consequently one of the busiest nights of the year for ambulances and the police.
I love Christmas, and I look forward to the January Dales (if they still exist), but I object to the Christmas season starting the moment the last Halloween firecracker has gone off. Will you join me in saying “Ba Humbug” to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest or get ready for Exploding Hamster Thursday

No hamsters were harmed in the writing of this blog

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