What’s in a Name?

It caused me some confusion last week when a friend said they were going to the SSC Arena.

“Right, ” I said, “Where is that then?”. “You know” they replied, ( looking at me as if I had lost the plot) “The Odyssey” and there is the crux of it, the rebranding or renaming of football grounds, concert halls and more.

As a brain teaser can you locate

  • The Emirates
  • The Stadium of Light
  • The 3 Arena
  • The Etihad
  • The Aviva
  • The Kingspan Stadium.

In Stoke, they’ve just completed a new renaming/rebranding deal for their stadium. It was called the Britannia after the Britannia and Co-operative Bank, defunct since 2013. The new name is to be the Bet 365 Stadium while up in Scotland, Livingston Football Club has just had their stadium renamed as “The Tony Macaroni Arena.

Of course, all this rebranding only comes with loads of money chasing hands and that got me to thinking “Why stop at football grounds and concert halls?” This seems like an immediate opportunity for some of our best-known buildings to earn easy cash. My local hospital could become The Elastoplast, Big Ben could become Big Casio Ben, Giants Causeway could become Jolly Green Giants Causeway the possibilities are endless.

So here is the challenge to all you marketing professionals and copywriters.


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